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  • If you are looking fro a great quality sleeves for a great price

    If you are looking for a great quality sleeves for a great price, this are the ones to buy. They fitted just perfect, I have long arms and big biceps and they feel very good. Not a lot of pressure and very comfortable. The elastic to support the wrist and biceps are adequate an don't hurt you or leave marks! Better than my expensive Nikes and under armour !!!

    - mexlien -

  • Amazing coolness

    I don't know how this material does what it does, but it's amazing how this fabric is cool to the touch. I bought the sleeves for long-distance cycling and they have been very effective at blocking the sun for several hours at time. They stay up well and are a great value. Highly recommend for outdoor activities!

    - Sandy Beach -

  • I really liked these sleeves

    I really liked these sleeves. They're long enough to hide one end under my short sleeve shirt and the top of my hand. If they ever wear out I'll definitely will be buying again. Highly recommended. I can't think of any cons about this product. Maybe, just maybe, if your arms are short you may find them on the long side.

    - F. Mercado -

  • Great quality and does the job (UV protection and cooling)

    95 F today and wore them while playing in a golf tournament. Really great quality product vs. other sleeves I’ve tried. Protected my arms from the sun and actually cooled my arms down on a very hot day. Highly recommend!!

    - RDD -

  • Amazing product!

    Lots of different models available out there but the Spartan-X are super high quality! I placed a second order and have recommended to several of my golf buddies who have also purchased sets. In addition to the UV protection, compression and cooling, the moisture wicking is one of the best features, especially for a golfer trying to keep arms and hands dry. I highly recommend this product! I highly recommend this product!

    - George -

  • Wonderful product and excellent customer service!

    I bought these for my boyfriend who golfs every day he is not working! He was reluctant at first, but once he wore them, he was asking me to order him more!! They protect his skin along with helping keep him cool in our 100+ degree summer weather! They are easy to launder. I would highly recommend these to anybody that spends time outdoors in the sun.

    - Kelcey S -

  • Excellent sun protection

    The sleeves worked as expected when doing the Camino de Santiago, I hiked over 400 miles they exactly what I needed to use as an additional layer to keep arms warm and when it was warm I stayed cool and protected from the sun. I highly recommend them for any out door sport.

    - Suni Smith -

  • These sleeves are amazing!

    These sleeves are amazing! I bought them for my husband and the material is very nice and three can in the pack so it was a great deal. He works in construction and gets dust and wood shavings all over him every day and they don’t stain. They’re awesome! Highly recommend them!

    - Keish -

  • Comfort and breathability

    These Spartan sleeves are very soft and comfortable, breathe well under the heat. They are a little long but don't slide down even with my skinny arms. Price is great for a pair. Highly recommend.

    - Chinh N. -

  • Very comfortable, highly recommend!

    I use these for work and they’re the best sleeves i’ve had, they are very comfortable and fit perfectly.

    - Michael Lopez -

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